What I have done, where I am and what I want

I’m a 31-year-old fellow, born and raised in Costa Rica. I know a thing or two about you guys, and the work that you do. The truth is, I am interested in joining your team as a content creator.

Long story short, I have been working as a visual and audiovisual communicator since 2006. That is also what I went to school for.

I direct and cut films, I illustrate and animate and I design as well. On my spare time I make my own no-budget films, I work on an app called Quack, and currently I am taking intensive UI courses (offline).

Here are some samples of my audiovisual work, mostly personal projects. Amongst them you can find some motion graphics pieces. Also, you may infer that as a child I was exposed to old-fashioned Nickelodeon and late night Cartoon Network.

I left the country in 2016 and I came back in August, 2019. The day I arrived, I got offered a job at an old-fashioned law firm, in the accounting department. It sounded just like what I needed back then: income, a structure, and the novelty of working with numbers.

I still support their accounting team, but on the side I have started helping them as a graphic and UX designer, which is good for my mental health. Especially since there are no windows on my entire floor.

Bonus: Translations (English to Spanish)

I am not an official translator. That said, I have been hired in the past to translate a few texts from English to Spanish.

This might be useful in case you needed in-house support to translate contents for clients, or your own Website. Hey, the US has got more Spanish speakers than freaking Spain.

The following are samples of work I did for Despacio, Random Institute, and artist Thomas Geiger:

Diego Arias Asch
Google Hangouts: diego@doyleclub.com
+506 86 65 20 20